Monday, January 10, 2011

No Retouching Campaign

Starting January 15, 2011 cosmetic brand Make Up For Ever will release the first ad campaign dedicated to the no retouching make up line. Called “HD – No Retouching”, the new campaign is meant to showcase an “HD” line based on innovative technology that can be adapted to different conditions that require a flawless look, such as a movie set.

We're excited to see the outcome of this.
I mean who doesn't want camera ready skin?
 I'm sure you're all asking yourselves: "..But does it look good in person?"

Well fear not, question answered. The campaign will present photos of four women making their self-portrait using either a camera or cell phone. [Ladies you should know that every single one of these women will look impeccable, with flawless skin, WITHOUT any type of retouching.] Crazy, huh? Of course for any further doubters, on March 1st the website line will have a 3D scene of the campaign letting you zoom on the photos of all the women wearing just products from the “HD” line. So you can really see how their skin looks like.


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