Thursday, January 27, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Reveals Weight Struggles

Khloe posted a video in response to a fans question about her two major struggles in life......letting things build up internally and her weight.

The reality star has struggled with her weight since the age of 15---when her parents got a divorce. She has been labeled numerous times as the "funny, fat one" amongst her two sisters.  However, in 2009 she lost 20 pounds and married Lamar Odom.  Though she seems to have it all  Khloe admits her weight is her biggest struggle.

"My weight is always going up and down. I'm always fighting that, and I feel like, no matter what I do, I never look good enough to everybody else," Khloe explains.

The youngest Kardashian sister, says that she's managed to come to terms with her body - and be proud of it, but sometimes, the words really hurt.

"Now, I just have my body to how I like it. But as much as I say that, still, other people's words eventually do come and hit you hard. So, I think my weight is my biggest lifetime struggle. It's not the biggest thing in life, but it does get you down sometimes."

I really feel for Khloe at times. I remember her saying that in high school, guys would use her in order to get to her sisters. There were times that she even felt adopted because she looked so different than her older sisters. I very much admire her strength to love herself, though she hears the term 'fat' pretty much everyday.

Check out the video on her webstie.
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