Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010 Line

I just had to show you his line! I'm such a fan of eye-popping color and leggings too?! I'm in. This amazing designer  has been seen on some of your favorite celebs. Victoria Beckham wears many of his sky-high heels and Amber Rose is one of his most visible supporters [to name some]. His 2010 Resort wear showcases his amazing ability to tailor. I mean with the suits and leggings fitting the models like a glove! I love the exaggerated shapes of the shoulders on his blazers. The clothes reflect his inspiration by an artist in his studio, which you can clearly see in his graphic prints and a series of blue and white hand-painted pieces. The pieces look so simple yet, with all the attention to detail, are so thoughtfully structured. 

Take a peek at a few of his pieces: 





Fashion really is an artform. Love it! What do you think of his looks?

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