Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Street Fashion

Joyful and I are proud to introduce you to our long awaited 'Street Fashion' segment.
We had a few technical difficulties but here it is!
In this segment we feature anyone we come across, at anytime, that exudes style and personality and place their photo for you guys to see!
For our first post on this we scoured our city of Seattle for some fashionistas and at first we were disappointed because for some reason nobody seemed to care how they looked that day. I mean Seattle come on!! Lol but with a little more effort we bumped into a couple of people:
This couple was too cute! They had such a relaxed summer style and matched accordingly.
Joyful loved the girl's color scheme with the white flowy top with red flats and a turquoise canvas bag. They definitely showed that less is more and accomplished that effortless summer style.

This next girl we found in our local Seattle Sephora! We loved her dressy but comfortable outfit. And not to mention great minds think alike because we happened to have the same earrings. So fate! I love how she accessorized and added her own personal style to her rolled up jeans and black tee. I'm so into scarves and gladiators (which are big this season!!!) which she's rockin.

This girl was sooo sweet! She just came here from Germany! We love her outfit! She shows once again how a litlle accessory such as shoes can spice up a simple outfit. She's wearing a simple grey tank with black leggings and purple anke boots.Once again less is more.
And then there's Gina!! Joyful's sister! Oh my goodness she is so so so fashionable! Never a hair out of place and always showstopping! We love her stilettos which are a nude animal print which is so in right now. Yellow skinny jeans with a matching waist-cinching belt and a black bag to complete the ensemble.
We just love her! I swear you need to see her wardrobe!
Here's our very own Joyful!! So cute with her embellished flats and simple black dress. Perfect for summer. She accessorized with a turquoise necklace and a cognac colored shoulder bag and big rimmed shades! Love it, love her!!!
And here's me! I wanna share a couple of pics with you guys. I went out for my one year anniversary with my bf. I chose a muti-colored tube dress with croc-print, t-strap pumps and only simply accessorized with a 3 tiered necklace and black and gold ring. You never want to go over board with accessories!
Anyways we hoped you enjoyed it! We'd love to see you! If you feel you have that look feel free to send us your pics at our e-mail and we'll post them on our next 'Street Fashion' segment! See how you compare with Seattle! Don't forget to check all our other posts located down below or click older posts!!
Trina[] && Joyful<3


  1. duude joy your sister's soo pretty, yellow skinny jeans are hot if i was more into wearing color i would totally rock them....i think you guys need to take a pic of me for your street style hahahaha jk

  2. we are going to,dont worry! Once the school year rolls around, I kno you are going to be rockin them amazing outfits of yours!

  3. Joy you are so stinkin Cute! I love that dress you have on in this post. I love your blog it is sooo you!! Thank you so much for helping me start my blog too! :)