Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking to revamp your Boyfriend's style?

With fall coming up, there are a couple of staples every guy could use in his closet:
It's very euro chic and with the colder weather coming around,
it's a good way to keep stylishly warm. It can definitely add an edge/ dress up the simplest of outfits.
If boots aren't really a trend you want to have him try just get him some nice sneakers in a color that'll go with anything like these 
Nike SB Blazer's 
Creative Recreation's
 (They're pretty pricey but if you invest in a high quality shoe, it's sure to last you in the long run.)

A Cardigan

It's good for layering underneath a blazer or jacket. 
It definitely makes your silhouettes leaner when you layer.


Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. The most common mistake people 
make is they buy way too many pairs of jeans. 
All you need is at least one pair that looks and fits good.
A Solid V-neck tee 

Perfect for layering or wearing alone, it adds a sophistication 
to your look without trying too hard.

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