Sunday, September 13, 2009

He said she said

The battle continues with Tequila and Merrimen, on what really went down that night on Merriman's home. As we all know, Tequila accused Merriman of choking and throwing her to the ground while she was trying to leave his home. Tequila signed a citizen’s arrest warrant accusing Merriman of battery and false imprisonment. Both are felonies.

With all the he-said she-said it's hard to tell who's really telling the truth. But as Tila shows in this pic something physical definitely went down, as the bruises on her arm show that someone tried to grab her pretty damn hard. As for the choking and being thrown to the ground...that's a different story. The plot gets thicker, as a source told an ABC news affiliate:
"…witnesses at Merriman’s home said (he) went to his bedroom with two women. Tequila walked into the room and Merriman asked her to join them. However, the sources said Tequila reacted angrily and threatened to have sex with a member of Merriman’s entourage. According to sources, Tequila was intoxicated, and she got naked and attempted to leave the house. Merriman, 25, tried to stop the 27-year-old Tequila, and that is when she called 911."
Gotta love the 'sources' these news people have. Makes you wonder who you can really trust around you. I don't know what to think on that one, but all I know is it's going to get worse before it gets better...
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