Monday, September 21, 2009

Trend spot : Studs, Studs, Studs

 This season all I've being seeing is Studs! 
Studded clothing items are the perfect way to add a little edge to your outfits. 
We all know how a pair of shoes or bag can make or break an outfit, so why not try either studded?
Below are a couple of ideas to get you imagination flowing on this hot trend:

 These studded items are so hot right now:
Christian Louboutin Ariella boots
[pictured wearing them above is mary-kate olsen]


 Isabel Marant Fall 2009 Studded Ankle Boots 

 Chloé Studded Ankle Boots


 Here they are pictured with Kate Bosworth
wearing them in a eye-catching red color.

I absolutely adore ankle boots. Any ankle boot definitely adds automatic personality. But these just kill it!!! Just pair your perfect choice of ankle boot with super tight skinny jeans or leggings and you're out the door ready to strut!

Of course what's an outfit without a hot bag to carry the essentials in?

Be & D have some amazing studded bags!
These two are my faves:

Be & D Studded Convertible Shoulder Tote 

Be & D Studded Zip Around Clutch Wallet 

Treesje Studded Belt Slouchy Hobo 

These are just a few ideas on some studded glory. There's also studded rings and belts but I just provide the basics; it's up to you to provide the style ;]

Trina []

How would you wear these items? Can you rock the studded look? Send us some pics!

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  1. ahhh i LOVEEE studs.. if i could put studs on everything i own i sooo would!

    Asia F.