Thursday, September 24, 2009

A BOLD Satement

Red lipstick is simply classic. Channeled for decades, bold red lipstick always seems to reappear in fashion. Lately, I have noticed many celebrities conveying this look and I love it! I personally don't rock bold lipstick because my lips are more on the voluptuous side, and I would rather not put more emphasis with such a bold accent. However, red lipstick is great for those who would love to put attention on their lips. Red lips can be a great touch to an outfit. Especially when wanting to portray an old Hollywood glam look, red lipstick is perfect! There are several different types of shades of red lipstick that you can easily find! I personally love the MAC collection of red lipstick which you can find here:

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Many times women are afraid to wear red lipstick because of various reasons like, smearing your teeth. However, I found a great website that helps women learn how to apply red lipstick. Check it out here

Here are your fav. celebs with bold lips:)

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Katherine Heigl
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Kim Kardashian
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Christina Applegate
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 Dita Vonteese
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Jessica Alba
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