Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Aubrey...

So if you haven't heard Aubrey O'day went on to do the Las Vegas Peep Show but after some nude, UNretouched photos surfaced of her, she announced that she's going to pull out for the show tonight.

Because the girl was feeling 'insecure' about her body. If that were true, then why does she do all these endeavors where she has to be nude or partly nude in some way?

With that said, a few things pop into my head:

1) You did Playboy and it turned out pretty hot:

2) So with #1 everyone's seen you naked so now you're going to pull the insecure card because someone took pics of you a show where people see you live naked??..but you feel bad about your body?

3) Are all your photo's that photo shopped that you're so afraid of some REGULAR snapped photos?
lol welcome to the glamorous world of the regular folks who don't have a beauty team behind them.

Okay so then Ms. O'day proceeded to frantically find all those illegal photos and have them removed via her lawyer. Oh wait, the hypocrisy doesn't end there because after all that, she films a vid to talk about her reasonings and shows how she really looks without makeup and retouching. Oh and gives viewers the finger.
Aubrey, I don't get you.


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