Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to her Roots!

Peace out is right!
Amy Winehouse isn't the only one going 'Back to black.' (Love that song)

Kim took to Twitter to post a final blonde photo of herself and tell fans, “I’m going back to black, everyone!! Take one last look while you can .” She debuted her newly dark locks on the streets of Beverly Hills.
[photo credit:People]
The girl is beautiful either way, but I'm soooo glad she went back to black! I knew she couldn't resist that 'dark' calling too long. Just as the saying goes 'Once you go black you don't go back'...or in this case you'll always go back! What do you guys think? The age old battle: Blonde vs. Brunette. But it looks like in the end Brunette won! ;)
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