Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grey is the new black!

 With Fall coming up everyone's all about incorporating a little more color into your daily wardrobe to offset that dreary weather. While I'm all for spicing up your wardrobe, we can't forget the basics. This season it's all about grey. I love love looove grey! It's everywhere. I'll never forget when I went to a barbecue this past weekend and my friend and her boyfriend as well as me and my bf all showed up rocking grey! (Hey great minds think alike.) It's such a different switch from that basic black which has become a staple in everyone's wardrobe. But why not put a new spin on and an old classic? Perfect for summer and fall, Grey is just the right amount of neutral to take over black but light enough to compromise with the brightening affect that's taking over this fall. Here's a couple of looks to get you started at every price range:

Kaydence Cowl Neck Dress
(Pair with either super skinny jeans, 
tights/leggings with ankle boots, knee-high boots)

Forever 21
Hooded Biker Jacket
For a steal!
(Remember Joyful<3's last post on biker jackets?
duh they're in and here's your chance to grab one)

Derek Lam Kashmira Clutch
Taupe/grey suede 
(For the more daring it also comes in a Lepord print)
Via Spiga Bootie

(Love the shoes hate the company!)
Silence and Noise Rollcuff sleeve Jacket

Steve Madden
'Tyller' Boot
Trina [ ]

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