Monday, September 21, 2009

When I say 'shotgun' you say 'wedding'

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Yep. That's right Wedding! I'm sure by now you've probably heard all the buzz about Khloe Kardashian and LA Lakers star Lamar Odom becoming an instant couple. Then, in the mere weeks they've been together rumors already surfaced that the couple we're planning to get hitched. Well expect them to be tieing the knot sooner than expected: This Sunday!

Sources confided to E! News earlier today that most of the guests were already informed via phone, with the more formal invites scheduled to be delivered this week. To add more fuel to the fire, she was also spotted ring-shopping over the weekend with her future hubby, who bought a ring for her on the spot.

"She's not wearing it yet because it is being resized," says the source.

With both sides being tight lipped on the subject, one can only guess. You just have to give it up to the 'sources' confirming the allegations. They always seem to have the inside scoop. Better watch your back especially if you're a celeb. Or maybe this whole thing is nothing other than a pubilicity stunt. It would make sense, since news about them seems to be everywhere. I'm not knocking true love. Because, hey, if you're in love, you're in love. One things for sure, true love or not, Odom better get himself a pre-nup. At least to protect that 30 million dollar contract. Khloe's no pauper but she doesn't have 30 mil + .

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  1. A RIDICULOUS attempt at a publicity stunt. I smell divorce in LESS than 5 months!