Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fixated on: Stylish Moms and Dads

These stars prove time and time again that with the business of their career and balancing their kid’s active lifestyles; they still manage to keep up with all the trends and stay FAB:

Of course we have to start with the beautiful Victoria Beckham. (Pictured here with her son Cruz) I give the girl props because she definitely never leaves the house without her fabulous skyscraping heels. She’s always so put together.
[Photo credit: Fame/people]
  And we can’t forget about her equally GORGEOUS husband David (Love love looove him). They’re such a stylish family. These two are one of my top favorite couples:
Here we have pint-size fashionista Kelly Ripa with her son. How she manages to stay so tiny!
Another one of my faves Nicole Richie and her hubby. They are the quintessential rocker chic. I love their edgy style:

Then there’s Jessica Alba, who still manages her pre-pregnancy hot bod post pregnancy! Ahhh to have the secrets and trainers of the celebs:

[photo credit: National Photo Group]
There’s just so many to list! Lastly I leave you with Halle Berry and Nahla (daughter of her and her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey) :
[photo credit: Pichichi/Splash New Online]
[photo credit: ODuran/ Fame Pictures]

Look at those eyes! That’s going to be one gorgeous kid!
I can’t wait to see how the fashions of these kids evolve as they grow. I mean, with parents like these we can definitely expect to see some trendsetters in the future.
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