Friday, September 18, 2009

Jay-Z Defends Kanye West

Jay-Z defends Kanye West in an interview with BBC about the VMA situation. He states that  Kanye West has always been a passionate person, and that's just the way he is.  Jay believes what Kanye did was very rude, and Kanye needs to learn how to show his passion in the right situation. However, Jay says that overall this has been Kanye from day 1. He goes on to say that maybe if Kanye just started his tactics after he became famous, then it would be a different story. But, Kanye has been like this far before the fame. Jay also goes on to say that the situation was blown way out of proportion. "He didn't kill anybody, nobody got harmed,".

I completely agree with Jay. What Kanye did was stupid but, why is everybody acting like he killed the girl. He made a dumb mistake but, thats Kanye swag, he always been like this so, I really don't know why this suprises people. It doesn't make it right but damn, quit acting like he murdered the girl.


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