Friday, September 4, 2009

Casual Chic??

We all know Whitney Port (ex-Hills star and current reality star of The City) is no stranger to fashion. Interning from W magazine, to Vogue, winning the coveted position of 'Fashion Contributor' at Teen Vogue, and so much more is it any wonder that she can dress?
 [Port with her then beau Jay Lyon]
 With that said here below she is pictured walking around NYC in outfit. Personally I love Whitney. She's such a natural beauty and has that bohemian, urban/indie style. Always comfortable but stylish. She loves designer items, but yet it never seems that she over thinks an outfit or is trying to hard. Her looks are so organic and once again the mark of a true fashionista. Must be her natural LA roots coming into play. This outfit to me shows; personality...she's on the go but, ever fashion conscious, still decisively chooses to wear bright aquamarine leggings, distressed, over-sized sweatshirt and shades. I mean it's not her best look but everyone has their days. It suits her, though. Still 'Whitney' but on a relaxed day. What are your thoughts? Hit or miss??

[photo credit: splash news online]

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