Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beso.....Vegas Style

'BELLA' OF THE BALL photo | Eva Longoria Parker
[Photo Credit: Ramey]

The o so adorable Eva Longoria Parker (aka Trina's twin) is expanding her restaurant business and bringing Beso to Vegas. Beso is a Latin style Steakhouse cuisine that offers a contemporary dinner menu, and is currently located in Los Angeles, California.

Eva explains her excitement about the opening of her restaurant to PEOPLE mag, she explains"Vegas has the most energy in the world. It's a foodie city, which is great for us because of our menu. Everything we offer is pretty unique. Nobody in Vegas has anything similar." (Longoria-Parker) Eva then goes on to explain the difference between the two restaurant locations she says, "There will be different specials and drinks – Vegas style," she says. "Also upstairs we'll have a lounge called Eve."(Longoria-Parker)

Eva is also opening Besitos which are small style Beso restaurants in airports.

I loveee Eva!!! Vegas is def. a good idea!!!!

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