Friday, August 28, 2009


Handbags are always the perfect accessory when completing an outfit. A handbag can definitely make or break your ensemble. This Fall try and color coordinate your wardrobe with your handbags. Play around with different looks and see what you come up with. There are soo many times that I have noticed how something as small as a handbag can really transform an outfit. This fall brights,solids, and neutrals are in. Here are a couple of my favorite handbags out right now.

Chloe Kira Medium Satchel
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I love Chloe bags....they are always classy and chic. The Chloe Kira Medium Satchel is great if you want a classic black bag.I love the gold accents! This satchel can definitely dress up a simple outfit, and make a hot outfit extraordinary.

Treesje Bag

Bright bags are perfect for the Fall. This Treesje bag is the perfect accessory that will help brighten your wardrobe.

Gustto Torsa Tote
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I am in love with this Gustto bag! It is super sexy, chic, and the neutral color is perfect for an everyday bag.

Make sure to pick out a bag this fall that you can ROCK!


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