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Men of Style: Pharrell Williams

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We always rep the ladies but what about the men? That's why we're bringing you "Men of Style."  You can't deny a man with good fashion sense, that's why our first feature is Pharrell Williams. Voted the "Best Dressed Man in the World" in 2005 by Esquire magazine, he's a perfect start to our new segment. He's even been quoted to say "Balenciaga's dope, you can never go wrong with one of his bags." Ummm...I think I found my style soul-mate. Those bags are amazing! I really dig his style and mentality on fashion. It's a mixture of high end meets skater/hip-hop. His laid back style isn't so "look-at me" as sometimes it may have seemed; he has gone on to say that it's all "A sense of artistic expression. It doesn't have to be loud, bright, it just has to be you. A lot of people can afford any threads they want, but if it doesn't have to do with who they are, it looks ridiculous." A thought I can most definitely appreciate. With so many trends shooting outta left field, people just gravitate to the ones that are popular at the time. Which IS a big mistake because everyone's body type or whatever is different so it might not have the same effect as it does on an individual. (But anyways back to my man Pharrell.)
You may know him for his part in his band NERD, but that's not all his hands are full with. He co-designs with Japanese designer Nigo, who, (if you didn't know) is also the founder of A Bathing Ape (BAPE) which is big in the hip-hop scene. Nigo and Pharrell's line of street wear, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, mixes hip-hip, skate and sci-fi styles (The singer is an avid fan of Star Trek which inspires his label name, using the Vulcan state to signify it). The lines consist of T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, knits, denim, suits and shirts; outerwear in leather, down, cotton, and technical fabrics; hats, sneakers, underwear, socks and accessories.  Check out his line at In an interview for Instyle he talks about what inspired his looks: "It's basically everything I ever wanted as a kid but couldn't afford--and if I could of afforded it, no one was making it." The line is all made in Japan using high quality fabrics.
Williams is also known to love Louis Vuitton so it was no surprise that he was asked along with Nigo, to work on a jewelry line for them. The collection  showcases his love of beautiful settings with gorgeous stones, comprising women's styles, using gold, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Even creating a new LV logo for the line.

[credit:Louis Vuitton/Malletier, S.A.

With all his mad creativity jumping from music to fashion what else could he even add to his list? Two words: Bionic Yarn. The producer/singer/ fashion mogul is going green! Downsizing his assembly of not-so-earth friendly luxury cars the next progression was only natural: Bionic Yarn is an organic, environmentally sustainable fabric line made of recycled plastic bottles. "The yarn is so soft you can't even tell there's plastic in it," says Williams. His goal would be to incorporate it into his clothing line. This fashion savvy individual dances to the beat of his own drum (sometimes literally haha he drums for NERD as well...) and that's why we love him here at EternallyFixated :)
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