Monday, August 24, 2009

Who says you can't wear something twice?

[credit:Credit: Ramey(2); Pacific Coast News/]

Sienna not only knows how to recycle, but she does a good job recycling her accessories, mixing them up with various outfits. While out and about in NYC she keeps her accessories consistent with a burgundy Saffiano leather-and-nylon Prada bag and and clear -rimmed, circular shades.
You can expect nothing less than pure individuality when it comes to Sienna Miller. So effortlessly stylish her quirky trends leave her being dubbed "The innovator" by PEOPLE magazine. It might be a surprise though that much of her style is left an after-thought. When ask by PEOPLE "Where did you get the idea to lace up your sandals over your jeans?" for example, Miller simply replied "Don't know—decided to do it running out the house." The mark of a true fashionista is someone that sets trends without even meaning to. Her style is so organic and comes from within. Love it!
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