Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FAB fashions: Fall Jackets

[Premium Lace Boyfriend Blazer: $75:00]

Stud Leather Jacket: $160.00

[Striped Frill Blazer: $45.00]

[Sequin Waistcoat:55.00]

[Sequin Boyfriend Blazer: $80.00]

As I mentioned earlier, Fall is slowly approaching

and that means you are going to need to start covering up.

Everyone in Seattle knows what I'm talking about!

One item that should be on every fashionista's list is a jacket.

Jackets are a staple item in one's wardrobe.

Whether it be a masculine Boyfriend Blazer, 80's bleached out denim jacket,

biker style leather jacket, waistcoat, or simple blazer, jackets are a must have!

I personally own several different types of fun jackets and loveeee them!

I always feel more confident and sophisticated when wearing jackets!

The right jacket can be the perfect touch in completing an outfit.

My two favorite trends right now is the Boyfriend Blazer and 80's denim jacket

because these items are so versatile, you can wear almost anything with these pieces!

I love how the 80's are coming back in style!

Anyhow, whatever jacket you may choose, make sure to go out and buy one

that exudes your style.


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