Friday, August 21, 2009

Who's is better?

[Photo Credit: Google images]
[Photo Credit: Google Images]

According to Aubrey O'Day former member of Danity Kane, she believes it's her pictorial, referring to her March issue of Playboy. We have all heard that Heidi Montag recently posed for Playboy's September issue. As Heidi's photos have circulated the web these past weeks, there has been much comparison about the two MTV starlets issues. Some believe that Heidi's pictorial is better because she took a classy route, while others believe that Aubreys is better because she took a risk and bared it all. MTV news recently had an interview with Aubrey and she expressed her opinion on Heidi's pictorial. She state's "I think Heidi is a beautiful girl and it's an honor to be a part of an iconic lineup of women," she said. "I'm happy that she took the opportunity. She looked beautiful."(O'Day). However Aubrey still believes that her issue is the best. She went on to say that Heidi should have taken more risks, and if Heidi does another issue she needs to "step it up". She explains, "There's been so much speculation and competition between the two MTV girls, and I had heard that Spencer made a statement about it, but, I don't know, I think mine's still the winner." (O'Day). I personally believe Aubreys issue is the best. I mean if your gonna pose for Playboy in the first place....might as well bare it all. What do ya'll think?????


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