Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Breeze

Summer is coming to an end,
but with a month or
so left it's still not too late to be left feeling like a sun goddess.
The warm humid weather can wreak havoc on your hair.
Therefore here is one chic, easy way to update your lovable mane.
It looks a bit complex,
but some of the best hairstyles are the ones that don't take that much time.
Follow Nicole Richie's lead and style an updo which will act as a protective shield barring the sun from frying your hair. A step further you can go is even spritzing a spray on sunscreen as an added measure, but just at the roots.
Part your hair down the middle, french braid both sides, and twist the ends into a low bun.
And don't mind the flyaways: It'll add to the more effortless look and keep it from being too prissy.
[credit:Katy Winn/Corbis/]

While we're on the subject of sun damage, let's take a minute to talk skin.
Now I know we all love to be bronzed and tan in the summer
[I, myself am guilty of this]
but please for the sake of not looking like you're 50 when you're 30 and *GASP* pre-mature wrinkles wear sunscreen, sunscreen,sunscreen!!!
Plus, Hello?!?!
There are other ways to appear tan without all the damage.
Case and point Loreal Sublime Bronze Properfect Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist.
I use this myself and it's worked wonders. Just find the formula right for you: if you're fair you probably want to stick with the lighter one and so on.
I'm not orange and people mistake my Faux glow as
'maybe she's born with it.'
Just make sure you exfoliate before using it to prevent uneven spots,
[a.k.a shave before in the shower or use a body scrub]
moisturize, start spraying [an arms length away or so] wait a couple minutes til completely dry and you're on your way to that "natural tan."


Trust me you'll be saving hundreds maybe even thousand of dollars in botox or evasive procedures in the future. Because duh! You won't need them :)

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