Thursday, August 27, 2009

La la Lovegame

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For some people it really is a love game when it comes to Lady Gaga. But whether you love her or love to hate her there's no denying she's anything short of boring. Known for her catchy beats, outlandish fashion sense, and carefree attitude, she's anything but another cookie-cutter blonde. From her spin on her signature bathing suit attire, to various tights with sky-high heels, many people have dubbed her look a 'trainwreck' but don't expect her to care. I think her look suits her and she has the flair to rock it! (Hey, safe doesn't get you noticed!) But the lady wasn't always what you see today. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, her quest for individuality led her to dye her hair bleach blonde after an interviewer mistook her for Amy Winehouse. She told PEOPLE: "Amy is badass, but I want to be known for my own look." In our ever imitating, emulating society, I have to give her props on wanting to stand out (which we all know she does). Her "Don't give a ****" attitude to fashion even caused her to get a citation by Chicago cops. She told PEOPLE while out wearing hotpants a cop said, "You look totally inappropriate. There are children here." Gaga simply replied. "It's fashion." Gotta love a girl that knows what she likes and doesn't apologize for it.

Can't lie the girl is talented too. Inspired by '70s glamour and decadence, she designs most of her outfits and has even written music for Akon, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block. Lately all I've been listening to is her music. How can anyone help themselves, infectious beats instilled in songs like Starstruck, Just dance, and of course Lovegame lands her album The Fame number one internationally. If you can't appreciate her fashion sense then you can't deny her music. Here's one of her songs Starstruck:

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