Monday, August 24, 2009

Take it back to the 90's

Love slow jams? Then you'll love Donnell Jones. Who doesn't love a classic? He's been around since the early 90's, first signing with Laface Records in 1996. Lately all I've been listening to is his Where I Wanna Be album. It was released in 1999, the year where he really established himself as an R&B artist. This album alone sold one million copies! I can definitely see why. The album is very well put together, the songs flow beautifully and shows off his soulful vocal style. It tells the perfect story of love,loss, and pain which we can all relate to. It's perfect for listening to relax or snuggling up with your boo. Such a heartfelt album is a must and if you're going to listen to Donnell you need to listen to Where I Wanna Be.

I leave you with two of his songs the first being one of my faves "All her love" and who can forget "Shorty got her eyes on me." Enjoy!

Trina []

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