Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rising Star

[credit: justjared.com]

Dubbed the new 'Teen heartthrob', this 17-year-old newcomer to the acting scene, is already making good headway into the big leagues. Just looking at him, can you really blame them? Part of the Twilight saga, Lautner is part of an extensive cast dedicated to making the the movie just as good as the novels. So dedicated in fact, the actor almost didn't make it into the next sequel New Moon. In the second series 'Jacob Black' (Lautner's character) is supposed to grow up, hitting a more mature look, reaching what his character is decribed as looking '25 years of age.' During the first film Lautner was only 16 so the cast director was unsure if he could fit into the new role of Jacob for New Moon. But his castmates didn't need to worry too much, the actor quickly delve into an intense workout regime: hitting the gym daily and eating every two hours. In an interview for Comic-con he revealed, "I had to tell myself, I want to portray this character correctly. Once I made that decision, which was very easy, it was not hard to get into the gym. The hardest part was acutally eating. Every two hours I had to have something.
With 30lbs of new muscle in tow, Lautner had no problem regaining the role of Jacob Black. That much passion and perserverance we can definitely expect amazing things from this youngster in the future. For all you Twilight fans check out the new trailor featuring yours truly: Taylor Lautner


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