Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This makeup definitely “SMASHED” the competition

Continuing off of my last post “Love their makeup” I really wanted to talk about this amazing bronzer that I’ve been using. It’s by SMASHBOX and it’s called BRONZED LIGHTS. The bronzer comes in two shades Sunkissed Matte and Suntan Matte. I’ve been using the Suntan Matte color. You can get it at Nordstrom’s, Sephora, or anywhere that sells SMASHBOX. Bronzers are fab in general because it can always give you a boost in color. Just dust lightly with a fluffy powder brush on your cheeks, temples, the bridge of your nose, or anywhere you want color. This one is great because you can use it to contour your face. I personally take a small blush brush and concentrate more on the hollows of my cheeks, under my cheekbones, and the temples to give slimming affect and frame my face with tanned definition. [ I'm wearing it in the my pic above:) ]

I also personally like this bronzer by ARBONNE and it’s called No Sun Intended. The drawback is it only comes in one color so if you’re too fair it might come off a little strong. I use this one for all over summer glow :)

Now for the great debate: Shimmer or no shimmer? Bronzers with a little bit of shimmer can look great…if you do it right. If you pick a shade too dark however, you complexion is left looking muddy or dirty even. Especially in hot weather too much shimmer can leave you looking really oily. So I would stick with the matte formula. You can wear it every day and it doubles because it can absorb oil.

Now we all know I love Kim Kardashian because she’s just so gorgeous and her make-up is always looking flawless thanks to Mario (mentioned in the “Love their makeup” post). She is also a fan of the SMASHBOX bronzer and is even wearing it in these two pics (Make up done by Mario of course) :


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  1. what do you think of bronzer for darker skin? i used to know of a liquid, golden toned one that gives a nice glow, but i don't remember what is was.

    neway, kim's makeup always looks amazing. a. lol i read a post of hers once where she told the products she used and outlined how she applied them!