Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can these kids bring on the Jerk?

On a more local note, I just had to share this video of these college kids doing the 'Jerk'. It was made by a couple boys in the 17th ave House and they have their own mix of Audio Push's Teach me how to Jerk playing in the backround. I have to give them props because their doing their version of the Jerk out in public, so it definitely takes guts. Give them a little credit, they use their creative license by dressing up in character in the usual Jerk attire (bright neon colors and the classic skinny jeans) The vid shows them doing the dance all around different parts of the campus and around unsuspecting pedestrians. There's this one part where there's a group of people swing dancing and you have the 17th ave kids doing the Jerk in the background. It's pretty funny. Check it out:
How do you think the 17th Ave boys compare to the original Audio Push boys in their instructional vid on how to do the Jerk? Near the end it's really cute they have this five-year old doing their dance and he's even featured in their actual video. Think the UW guys have a spot in America's Best Dance Crew??
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